Thursday, May 9, 2024

Continuing To Chip Away At The Pounds!

I am continuing to drop pound by pound. I was at 175.6 this morning! So my progress continues! I did well last Saturday when I was out with a friend. I ate less then I burned calorie wise. But I had a lot of sodium so of course my weight jumped up but just for a brief time as I got right back on. I had another girls day out with another friend on Tuesday and did really well. Walked over 12K steps & ate only 1332 calories and had less then 50 carbs. I also went to the gym on Monday. Didn't go yesterday as I was beat with driving over 8 hours on Tuesday and walking those 12K steps. My friend cancelled this morning to go to the gym and I chose not to go, too. I'm still a bit tired and need to catch up on more rest before my trip. 

I have successfully fasted on Sunday & yesterday since I last checked in. I do think that fasting contributes to my weight going down and a decent pace. My hope is to fast one more day before we go on my trip on Sunday. I think the only way I am going to get these last few pounds off is to fast a couple times a week. That seems to be the most effective for me. Fasting is also a lot easier for me while doing the Keto diet. So fasting & Keto really do go hand in hand. It's much easier for me to fast when I am sticking to my Keto diet as the Keto diet really helps with craving junk. 

I don't have a weigh in from 2 weeks ago exactly, which was April 25th, but I do from the 27th. I was 180.8 and I am now 175.6 which is 5.2 pounds! That is excellent!! It's always a good when I can lose 10 pounds in a month! I am hoping to continue on this path and keep going down 2.5 to 3 pounds a week! 

Now I just need to stay focused and see how far I can get before I leave on Sunday! 

Friday, May 3, 2024

Food Logs From Saturday 4/27/24 - Thursday 5/2/24

 Here is my food logs from Sautrday 4/27/24 to Thursday 5/2/24:

Having A Great Week!

My week has gone very well. I am down to 177 pounds this morning! Woohoo! That is down 3.8 pounds since Saturday which is awesome!! I had another successful fast yesterday. I think to help my weight come off I will try to plan at least 2 fast days a week. This past week my fast days were a little wonky with one being Saturday. But next week I will plan for Monday & Thursday if my body is agreeable. LOL! Sometimes I just need to do it when I know I'm not hungry at dinner and go with it. So scheduling them ahead of time isn't always necessary. Just seeing how I feel on a day to day basis sometimes works better. So we shall see! 

I've been to the gym 5 days this week! Which is amazing! I also have had 4 days with over 10K steps since Saturday. So I'm doing well with getting those steps in! Eating wise I have mananged to keep my carbs under 20 three of the last 6 days. The other 3 days I was under 50. So I am slowly getting back on track to getting under 20 grams again. My water intake has been good but I did fall short a little yesterday. 

All in all I feel really good about my progress and hope I can manage to lose a few more pounds before my trip! Tomorrow I am headed out for a fun day out with a friend and have a plan for eating out. I will most likely indulge in some popcorn tomorrow if we head to the movies. But that will be my only treat before I leave on my trip in the next week!  

Monday, April 29, 2024

Hopefully This Is A Downard Trend!

I was down again this morning. Feels good to continue to drop. Hopeully I can keep up the momentum! I'm down .8 from yesterday which is great! Like I've said before, it's always good to keep dropping a couple of days after my fast. Then I know the weight loss is real and not just a fluctuation. 

I am super motivated right now! 6 pounds to get to my lowest weight again and less then 9 pounds before I get into the 160's! I will do my best to get there!

I've decided to bring my scale with me when I go on my trip in a couple of weeks. This way I can monitor my weight. I get back from the candy show on Friday May 17th and then go see my doctor on May 22nd for my annual physical. I don't know of any better incentive then that. I would like to be back to my lowest weight or even lower before I see her. I have a feeling that knowing that I have this appointment right after my trip will help me stay on track while I'm gone! 

I did not make it to 10K steps yesterday, but I did take a walk with my kids in the afternoon. I just hit over 7K steps. I was meeting a friend at the gym this morning, but she had to cancel due to being tired from a long day of travel yesterday. But I was already on my way to the gym and did 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning. So that was still a win!

My goals for the week are to get plenty of exercise. At least once a day. Keep my water intake up and stick to below 20 grams of carbs everyday going forward! I've been doing closer to 50 lately, so it will be good to get back on track!  I do think taking out those few extra carbs benefit me in many ways.

A few things I do notice when I do more then 50 carbs and usually over 100 is I get more moody, my joints begin to hurt more and I crave more carbs! So staying around 20 will be all the more beneficial going forward.  I would like to stick under 50 as much as possible to avoid the moodiness, joint pain and the cravings! 

I'm looking forward to what this coming week will bring! Have a great week!

Sunday, April 28, 2024

A Successful Fast!

 I managed to have a successful fast yesterday. I had no problem fasting after lunch. I will try to wait until 11am to eat this morning. I droped another 1.4 pounds which is great news! I would have hoped for a little more with my fast, but I'll take it! The best news is I am back into the 170's again. 

I also did over 11K steps yesterday! I had a great day over all. This week my goal is to stay focused and hopefully drop a couple more pounds! I have 2 weeks as of today before I leave for my candy show in May. My hope is to get as close to 172 as possible! I know I have over 7 pounds to go, but it is possible if I can stay focused and my body cooperates! 

Saturday, April 27, 2024

My New Weight Loss Motivator!

I have been looking around for some nice outdoor cargo pants and happened to find 2 brand new pairs of cargo pants at the thrift store yesterday! They were only $10 bucks a piece! But....they didn't fit! I liked them so much I decided to make them my motivator to help me get back down to my lowest weight and then some!  I don't have too far to go and hope I can get into them once I lose about 20 pounds or so! I have a 4 inch gap to make up! Fingers crossed!!

My 2 new pairs of Cargo Pants! I'm pretty sure I got a great deal on these!

As you can see, they don't button now, but hopefully they will in the near future!!

I fell in love with these Cargo Pants! I can't wait to get into them!


I'm Back! Sorry For Being MIA!

I am finally finding a moment to get back on and post! I know I haven't posted since April 11th. Life has just been a little busy. I've had a lot going on and a lot of challenges over the last couple of weeks. Right after my last post I went to my daughters college event at the Culinary Institute Of America in Hyde Park. She will be attending school there in the fall. They had such delicious food to sample there!! But I did ok. Then my Scrapbook Retreat was the following weekend and I got through that ok, too! Right after the Scrapbook Retreat we headed to my camp this past Monday and returned home last night! 

I am pleased to say I was at 180.8 this morning! I think I have done extremely well considering all the events I have been to in the past couple of weeks! My lowest weight on the 11th was 179.2. So I am not too far off track! Yes, it would have been nice to lose some weight over the last 2 weeks, but I am not complaining.  I am just glad I pretty much maintained at this point!

I have a major challenge ahead of me for the month of May. I will be attending the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Indianapolis, IN. The show is 2.5 days long and we will be gone from May 12-17. I am going to utilize my kids for tasting so I will only taste items if absolutely necessary! I have 2 weeks to get as much weight off as possible before we head out!

I have a new incentive to help motiviate me to get back to 172 and continue to lose the rest of my weight beyond that and get to my ultimate goal of 145 pounds! I will share this new incentive in my next post! Stay tuned!!

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Down Again!

I was pleasantly surprised to be down again this morning. Just .4 pounds but I'll take it. Especially with all the trouble I had in March with fluctuating! It's always nice when my weight continues to go down a day or two after a fast. Then I know the loss was not temporary!

I did give in and had some chocolate yesterday. I was craving it all day. I also was really tired yesterday afternoon and went to bed at 8:45pm! There is a bug going around and I am hoping I am not getting it! Fingers crossed as I am going to a college event with my daughter this weekend. Today I will make sure I stay out of the chocolate! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Finally Back In The 170's!! Woohoo!

I am so excited to report that I am finally back in the 170's as of this morning! I am so happy about that. My weight has been 180.6 for the last couple of days, so not much movement. I was able to successfully fast last night and I think that helped my weight finally drop. Since my last weigh in in March I am down over 4 pounds which is great progress! Let's hope I don't hit another brick wall and I can get a few more pounds off this month! 

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Finally I Have Broken Through This Plateau!

 Yay! Finally under my lowest weight reached in March! Woohoo! I'll take it! Hopefully the 170's are in my near future!!

04/06/24 - Down Again This Morning!

Down again this morning! Hopefully this is a good indication that I'm breaking through my plateau! Fingers crossed!!

I ate good yesterday but didn't do anything special so maybe my hormones are finally giving me a break! Lol! Who knows, but I'll take this loss! My lowest weight in March was 181.4. Hopefully I will get below that number soon. For now I will celebrate my small victories. 😉

Friday, April 5, 2024

After Easter Check In

 I finally found some time to check in tonight. It's been an interesting week so far with my weight. I'm glad to report my weight is actually under what I was right before Easter. This is the lowest I have been since 3/27 when I was 182.6. I did great over Easter! I had a couple of servings of chocolate and a nice brunch as my main meal that day. I was really good all this week. My weight still decided it needed to be all over the place. I was 184 yesterday! But I have been eating pretty well since Easter. Carbs have been a little high but under 50 and I'm still in moderate ketosis. I've been below my burned calories everyday, including Easter and most of the time at least 1000 calories below. 

I think I am pretty much done trying to figure out my body. I am just trying to keep eating healthy like I have been. I will try to start eating under 20 grams of carbs again starting on Monday. I bought some strawberries, as they looked really good, so I want to eat those up before trying to stay under 20 grams again. 

Here is today's weigh in:

I am happy with that and hope I can continue to head in the right direction as my period is mostly over at this point. March 27 was the last day of meals I checked in with. Here is a general synopsis of how I did:
March 28 - 975 calories 17g carbs
March 29 - 1417 calories 70g carbs (Friday Ham Dinner)
March 30 - 1136 calories 53g carbs (Out With A Friend All Day, Had Popcorn)
March 31 - 1896 calories 57g carbs (Easter)

April 1 - 682 Calories 11g carbs
April 2 - 1491 Calories 35g carbs
April 3 - 1032 calories 29g carbs
April 4 - 1278 calories 43g carbs

My high carb days were during Easter weekend but I am really proud of how well I did! I have been really really hungry this week so I am glad I've done as well as I have! Here is how my weight has been. 

3/29/24 - 183.8
3/30/24 - 183.8
4/2/24 - 183.46
4/4/24 - 185
4/5/24 - 182.4

March Totals: 
3/1/24 - 185.6
3/30/24 - 183.8
Loss Of 1.8 pounds!!

Hey, at least I lost something during the month of March rather then nothing at all or worst yet gaining! So I'm glad to at least see some type of loss for the month! Since I started on 2/24/24 I have lost 12.4 pounds as of today. 

It's interesting because when I was in the lower 180's when originally trying to lose my 100 pounds I struggled to get down to the 170's then, too. So hopefully once I hit the 170's again I will continue to drop! I don't have a lot going on that should disrupt my diet so hopefully I will enter a downward trend in the coming weeks! Fingers crossed!